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Renew Crew

Pressure Wash Your Hardscapes

Patios are the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Don’t let mold and mildew buildup scare away any guests from adoring your patio and hardscape. Renew Crew can pressure wash away the dirt, and leave your space looking brand new. We use a 3-step process to safely remove any imperfections and seal in a shiny finish.

Perfected 3 Step Process

1. Pre-Soak Foam. Our exclusive biodegradable and environmentally-friendly foam clings and penetrates, loosening deep-down dirt. The foam lifts the loosened dirt, bringing it to the surface, while also killing mold and mildew without harsh chlorine.
2. Power Clean. Non-damaging pressure rinses grime away. Surfaces are restored to their original appeal without damaging your patio.
3. Protective Finish. Special polymers enhance and prolong the natural beauty of pavers and extend the life of your surfaces. It seals pores to fight dirt build up and fights weather damage by repelling the elements, such as UV rays.

Why Do You Need Our 3 Step Process?

Well, as pavers spend more and more time outside, it becomes more likely for elements to hit the surface and cause staining. If left untreated, your patio may get permanently damaged and cost you more money in the end to repair. The following elements can leave behind stains and build up:
• Oil & Grease
• Leaves
• Dust
• Tire Tracks
• Mold & Algae Growth

Will your products harm my plants, pets or family?

No, we only use biodegradable and environmentally friendly products. Renew Crew has formulated and specifically designed the majority of the products to be gentle to everything except dirt, mold, and mildew. There is absolutely no chlorine in our products. Our gentler, non-chlorine cleaning agents kill mold and mildew just as effectively – without harming your patio or your plants. It is safe to enjoy your backyard once we are done cleaning! Schedule your power washing today to enjoy your patio all year long.

No Job Too Big or Small

No matter what has happened to your patio and hardscape, our 3-step process will wipe away dirt, mold, and mildew. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive cleaning and protection service that everyone will love. That is why we handle projects of all sizes. Call Renew Crew to schedule your patio and hardscape pressure washing.

Brick Cleaning Before

Dirty Brick before cleaning

Brick Cleaning After

Clean brick cleaning after